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95% of the online casino review websites you will ever come across are owned by just 6 massive media corporations and 4 big online casino chains. Here at Slots Guide however we are regular casino slots fans with full time jobs and can therefore bring you unbiased online casino reviews and honest and hopefully useful casino slots tips and information. We are eternally grateful for all the support and encouragement we have received over the past 2 years. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to do this!

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A Dozen of the Best Online Casino Bonuses:

200% + 200 Free Spins
200% + 180 Free Spins + 20 No Deposit Spins
100% + 50 Free Spins + 25 Free Spins No Deposit
100% + 200 Free Spins
100% + 222 Free Spins + 10 Free Spins No Deposit
150% + 50 Free Spins
100% + 50 Twin Spins + 50 Free Spins No Deposit
200% + 25 Free Spins + 20 No Deposit Spins
100% + £10 + 11 Free Spins No Deposit
100% + 200 Free Spins
100% + 100 Warlord Spins

New Online Casinos

Believe it or not on average a new online casino opens every single day! The cheap barrier to entry created by many white label casino providers means that these days anyone with 20k in their pocket can open up an online casino. The problem here is that 95% of new online casinos are either rogue from day 1 (never intending to pay out players) or they may have the best of intentions however they don’t have the funding in place to make a success of the business and the players end up suffering. We are not going to add every single new online casino we come across, in fact rather than adding 30 per month we are going to hand pick, test and add to the site only the 1 or 2 per month who pass our review criteria.

A Dozen Brand New Online Casino Bonuses:

100% + 50 Free Spins
200% + 250 Free Spins + 50 No Deposit Spins
100% + 90 Free Spins + 10 Free Spins No Deposit
100% + 100 FS
100% + 10% Extra Winnings or 10% CashBack
200% + 60 Free Spins
150% + 15 No Deposit Spins
150% + £10 No Deposit Bonus
100% + 50 Twin Spins + 25 Twin Spins No Deposit
100% + 2,500 Seeds
100% + 20 No Deposit Spins on Grande Spinata
100% + 10 No Deposit Free Spins

Online Casino Guide

Here at Slots Guide we are an independent online slots guide and online casino guide featuring only trusted online casino reviews and online casino bonuses. We also provide honest slot reviews, slot strategies, casino strategies and review the cheats, tips and myths to be found about casino slots gambling. We are also working very hard on creating a brand new dedicated section on this site providing useful resources for problem gamblers.

Slots Guide is run by online casino players especially for online casino players. We have full time jobs away from this site so we don’t need to sell you any bullshit and if we don’t like something we won’t be shy in telling you about it! We are providing you this site because it is our hobby and our passion. We know how much dangerous misinformation there is out there about online casinos and slots so we want to put things straight. Our day jobs involve helping to catch and prosecute (among others) cyber criminal gangs so we will not put up with rogue casino operators under any circumstances.

Online Casino Reviews:
We take a great deal of time researching any casino we review on Slots Guide. We will also sign up to the casinos, test out their customer service, the layout of the site, how smoothly the casino runs. We will then test out their bonuses by depositing and playing as well as testing the withdrawal and verification system. This is the only true way to properly do online casino reviews. We are currently nearing completion of our website redesign and the next stage will be to completely re-review all the online casinos featured on the site.

Casino Blogs & Opinion:
Tired of online casino review websites giving you generic crap clearly written by a professional writer? Then you have come to the right place. We are not afraid to tell you how it is and we enjoy giving the big companies a good kick up the arse as we succesfully did with Playtech and are trying to do with Microgaming to name but a few. We are often in direct conversation with casinos and slot providers offering our free independent and unbiased advice.
Some of our more popular blogs include: 18 simple rules for online casino players | Beware of the latest “screw you” online casino bonus term | Wake up Microgaming it’s 2017 | Things that annoy us in the online gambling industry to name but a small few.

Return To Player:
We also definitely do not want to do anything generic with our online slots reviews. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can copy and paste the description of a casino slot but that doesn’t really get you anywhere. We like to really give the casino slots a good hard play so we can advise you not just if it is worth playing, but also what to expect and how best to play them. We will play a good couple of thousand spins in demo mode to really get the feel of the slots and then test our findings out in real money mode just to make absolutely sure the slots run as they should. Every now and then we even discover a sneaky little tip which can really improve your odds. And of course do not forget our Return To Player database which as far as we can tell is already the biggest such casino slots rtp database on the planet!

The Best NetEnt Casinos:
NetEnt are a Swedish software company who have rapidly taken a real hold on the online slot machine market. You can’t move these days without running into a Net Entertainment slot or two. We will list the very best NetEnt casino bonuses.

The Best Microgaming Casinos:
Microgaming were once upon a time the undoubted market leaders in the online slot games industry. More recently they have been upstaged by NetEnt but they can still come out with a world beater like Jurassic Park or Hot as Hades. But with the advent of multi-platform casinos and multi-platform providers like Nyx, Playtech, Odobo and the like, Microgaming casino bonuses have wisely joined the bandwagon and are now partnering with slot makers like Genesis Gaming, Rabcat and more recently Playson and Quickspin to release their casino games under the hood of their Quickfire online gaming platform.

The Best Playtech Casinos:
Playtech casino bonuses are coming back with a bang in 2016 and that is a something we are delighted to see. We have been acting as independent strategic advisors to Playtech for some time now and it is great to see them taking some of our points on board. Not only have they brought out the excellent Age of the Gods series of jackpot slots but they have also been working their magic with The Flintstones, Ace Ventura, Superman and many more. 2016 is a huge year for Playtech.

The Best No Deposit Bonuses:
I’ll be honest, I don’t much bother with no deposit bonuses and have actually never cashed out a win from one. Nevertheless I must be in the minority as our no deposit casino bonus page is one of the most popular on this website. We will continue to keep our no deposit bonuses up to date and even arrange exclusive deals with some of the casinos we work with.

How Online Casinos Work:
We know how confusing the online casino game is, we have all been there at some point when we first started out playing so to help you out we have done a bucket load of research and testing so that we can hopefully answer all your questions. If you have any questions left unanswered then just get in touch and we’ll go right ahead and do the research for you! We have also (and will continue to do so) been interviewing key personnel within different aspects of the online gambling industry. These interviews are proving very popular and informative with our readers.

Casino Strategies & Slot Cheats
Searching the internet you will come across lots of different casino cheats, strategies, tips and slot machine cheats. We have saved you the trouble by trawling the net and reviewing all the strategies and cheats we have seen and letting you know which ones work, which ones don’t work and which ones were completely fabricated just to try and con you of your hard earned cash. We have also added a few little casino tips and tricks and slot machine strategies of our own.

eSports Betting
You may not be aware of it yet but eSports are absolutely massive and the eSports betting scene is one of the fastest growing sectors of the online gambling industry. We have written a full in depth introduction for you here: eSports betting

Gambling Addiction Help:
We understand very well how damaging any form of addiction can be, gambling included. We strongly feel that every single online gambling portal should do their utmost best to promote responsible gambling. For this reason we have a dedicated section on this site about gambling addiction which we will continue to add to and improve upon. We will be digging out the most shocking and most interesting gambling addiction stories we can find as well as providing a huge database of gambling addiction help centres from all around the world. We appreciate all the help we have also been getting from you in order to keep this database as up to date and inclusive as possible!

We do not currently have a mailing list as we are debating the ethical implications. We get so frustrated by the spam we receive and we are sure you feel the same way. Sending out a single monthly newsletter featuring interesting news and articles is ok by us but the worst offenders send out a dozen weekly emails or an email for every language. The absolute worst are the portals who buy email databases and spam emails pretending to be from somebody else. A recent one for example calls themselves GWild thus pretending to be GoWild. Evil. We have actually been offered seriously massive email databases by people on Facebook and by email… please stop offering us this crap. We don’t want it and never will.
As far as advertising goes we are also against the aggressive approach advertising on random non gambling sites. If you google a gambling term then you know what you are getting into but away from that is a no go for us. We include things like Will Hills sponsoring the darts world championship or bet365 sponsoring Stoke City to name but a couple of so so many. The governments need to do so much more, thankfully the UK Gambling Commission is trying to crack down but they really do have their work cut out for them.

Online Casino Reviews

On this page you will find all of our online casino reviews, explanations of how we review and rate casinos as well as all our online casino ratings and an extensive blacklist of casinos we recommend you avoid at all costs (and the reasons why of course).

There was a worrying trend which started a few years ago and which has been snowballing, gathering pace at an alarming rate. This being that casino owners don’t seem to be able to figure out what to do with casino bonuses. The online casino bonus is dead and has been for a few years, it is just that most casinos don’t know what to replace it with or are afraid to take chances.There are therefore three sorts of casinos now, there are those happy with the status quo and not doing anything different. There are the really good ones who are focusing on loyalty programs, gamification and other incentives to keep a player at their casino, these are also hoping to phase out the traditional and messy welcome bonus. Then there are the third kinds of casinos… those simply looking to exploit the player and / or the bonus chasers.

The casino bonus has become more and more strict over the past few years with more and more clauses, higher wagering requirements and casinos using any old excuse to not pay out on a bonus. We know this already but what we have been seeing more of of late is making bonus terms and conditions as confusing as possible and also barring numerous payment methods from being allowed to win with a bonus (but hiding this term in the T&C so well hidden that most are going to miss it) but these casinos are not blocking bonuses for these deposit methods.

But that is not all that is wrong, there are now more and more white label casino operators out there, many of whom are making it very very affordable for somebody to open up their own casino. These white label operators are basically creating a market where con men are opening up a casino, not paying any players for a year or so and then the casino closes eventually only for the owners to have set up another 4 or 5 clones of these casinos in the meantime also with an expiration date and no chance of the customer getting paid. Yes occasionally there will be an honest casino pop up through these white labels but with these hundreds of casinos being so virtually identical even down to the terms and conditions that it is almost impossible to know the occasional good ones from the bad.

This trend in dodgy white labels has stemmed from the whole casino bonus malarkey that’s been ongoing since the dawn of online casinos and we can only hope that the newer trend of actually offering players good loyalty programs and good customer service will eventually win over and we’ll see the cream of the crop rise to the top and we’ll see these awful thieves (for that is what they basically are) disappear.

To cut a long story short:

We are having a total overhaul of our online casino reviews in 2017. To kick off with we are going through all online casino reviews very briefly so we can quickly identify any remove any with any question marks at all hanging over them. Our motto is now “No more Mr Nice Guide”. There are still so very many good and honest online casinos that if there is any doubt we are dumping the weak. We have identified key areas which are now “no benefit of the doubt”. We have also seen some casinos going backwards either in customer service or in their terms and conditions over the past month or so and these will also be dealt with swiftly and sharply. We are taking no prisoners, there will be no leniency. If in doubt stay clear. There’s so many other places to play so if we are overly harsh on one or two then so be it. Better safe than sorry.

There are so many dodgy casinos that we’ve had to split the casinos up into two pages, the online casino reviews page you are for the decent casinos and for the iffy ones a brand new casino blacklist page.

Our in depth new online casino review system:

Our second port of call is a whole new casino ratings system along with in depth reviews of the key points. It is all about the honesty, reputation, loyalty and customer care. That is it. The important stuff. Will I get paid my winnings? How quickly do they pay? Do they reward my loyal custom or not? This is the stuff that is important. This is what an online casino review should be focusing on.


How do we perform our online casino reviews?

online casino reviews

For every single online casino review we like to track down as much general information as we can so you have an easy to use overview. For the online casino bonuses we will find out if they are cashable or sticky bonuses as well as listing the wagering requirements required before being able to cash out.

For deciding on the casino ratings we need to test the casinos out fully as well. We will register with the casino, feel our way around the interface and check the terms and conditions and see if everything is clearly laid out or whether sneaky terms are hidden away in the small print. We will also test out the customer support (live chat where possible, also via email and phone) and then we will make a small deposit to test out the banking and bonuses.

We will then test out the slots and games on offer to see if the interface works properly and check for any bugs or lags. Then we will play through our deposit wagering and should we go bankrupt we will make a another small deposit without taking any bonus, play through the deposit 1x so we are able to cash out and test the whole withdrawal process, how tricky the casino makes it, how much they try and trick customers into reversing withdrawal and how much they mess around the verification process.

This manual testing along with the various options and the range of products on offer all add up to the various ratings we award casinos. Of course we do also take into account the general reputation of the casinos, the complaints (or not) against them and how hard they are trying (some casinos are constantly striving to improve and if a small casino is showing they are doing everything in their power despite a small budget, we will look more favourably towards them as opposed to a big name brand who is cutting back on certain aspects and reducing the customer experience). A casino should always be looking to improve the experiences of their players and striving to be the best of the best. A casino going backwards is a very bad sign and a warning sign that they might completely shaft their players and affiliates in the future.

Online Casino Reviews & Ratings Update:

As we are trying to make this website more and more user friendly, we felt that we should make the online casino reviews page more easily searchable. We have created a new table to house all our online casino reviews and have also added the online casino ratings to the table. In order to get the table also sort-able by casino rating we have slightly altered the below online casino rating system. Not a big change but we have bitten the bullet and added star ratings to the existing casino ratings system. Hopefully this will make the online casino reviews table much easier to navigate.

Online Casino Ratings Explained:

Rather than over complicate things by giving every reviewed casino a percentage score, a score out of 10, or a star rating, we have decided to keep things as simple as possible. Simple yet straightforward and transparent.

Our online casino ratings are split into three categories: Certified, Un-certified, Unlisted and Blacklisted. Obviously blacklisted casinos are not recommended whatsoever whilst we would advise caution when considering an un-certified casino.

Our certified casino ratings are: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Here we shall explain the differences between our main ratings:

Platinum Casino Rating: * * * * *

For a casino to receive our coveted platinum rating they really have to go above and beyond. Aside from top notch customer service and interface and everything a gold rated casino provides, these casinos go that little bit further, offering that little bit more. Something special, they try and go above and beyond the ordinary, these casinos go that extra mile.
In short, these are la creme de la crème!

Gold Casino Rating: * * * *

Casinos that get a Gold Rating from us are ones that we hold in the very highest regards.
These are casinos that if somebody were to ask us which casino would they recommend to somebody who only wishes to join one single casino and stick with that casino only, we would point them to our Gold Rated casino list.
These are casinos who have not only fulfilled our requirements in terms of openness, honesty, quick payouts, good selection of slots and quality overall customer service and playing experience.

Silver Casino Rating: * * *

A Silver Rated casino is one that holds up most, if not all of our requirements.
Open, trustworthy, reliable, quality customer service, fast payouts and quality overall gaming experience.
These are all casinos with the potential to make it Gold but fell just short for one reason or another. It could be that the casino is brand new (ie too new to definitively give them top marks), perhaps their game selection could be larger or maybe they do not yet have a mobile casino.
Either way these Silver Rated casinos come highly recommended by us and we will be visiting them ourselves regularly and keeping tabs on their progress and if they can make it to the Gold in future. You can’t go far wrong with a silver rated casino.

Bronze Casino Rating: * *

Bronze Rated casinos are respectable (ish) but fall short of excellence in one or two areas. Ok casinos for bonus chasers but not quite there yet to be your #1 if you are looking for a single home.
We can recommend a Bronze Rated casino but we will explain why they have fallen short of silver or gold and what you have to look out for when playing there.

The Dog House Casino Rating: *

Casinos that land up in our dog house will be removed from other areas of the website. These are casinos which are heading towards the not-recommended or black listed status. We don’t really recommend you play here so do so at your own risk!

Un-certified / Not Recommended Online Casino Rating:

A casino can end up un-certified (or not recommended) for a number of reasons. They could have come off of the black list but we are not yet ready to recommend them yet. They could have one or two small issues we disapprove of but are not quite considered rogue. They could have long standing issues with their customer service. Or they could be a decent casino brought down by their overall owners or by other casinos within the same chain.

Either way, a one star / un-certified / not recommended casino will not be linked to from Slots Guide. Why? If we don’t recommend you playing somewhere because we think you will have no chance of getting your money out then we are not going to send you there. We cannot stop you from playing any old where but we are certainly not going to encourage it!

There is a separate casino blacklist page for all these casinos and these will not be listed in our online casino reviews table.

Unlisted Online Casinos:

Unlisted casinos are those we have had a seriously good look at but we just don’t feel comfortable at all in listing them anywhere. They are just too close to rogue status.

Blacklisted Casino Rating:

We were reluctant to officially release a black-list of casinos due to legal complications as well as the fact that our black-list spiraled to a ridiculously large 1,600 websites. We were planning on simply not referencing black-listed casinos at all however the arrests of the owners of a number of rogue casinos in July 2015 forced our hand to at least publish a handful of the worst offenders. These are listed on our forum.

In Short: If you are looking for one single casino to play at full time then consider a Platinum, Gold or Silver rated casino. Bonus hunters can also consider Bronze rated casinos.

Disclaimer: is a website that aims to provide people with as much information as possible about online gaming sites of all kinds in order for people to be more aware of what is involved with such sites. and its owners cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred by any person on any website contained in the websites that can be found on this site, or any other losses incurred whilst gambling.
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