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Advanced Autoplay Functions


The autoplay function is not only used to save your hands from getting repetitive strain injury but it can also sometime be used to determine your strategy or to keep tabs on how your session is going without you having to manually work things out.

Let us take the Net Entertainment slot “South Park Reel Chaos” as an example. By defauly Net Ent slots provide the user with a good range of autoplay options:

South Park Reel Chaos Slot
South Park Reel Chaos Slot

You can see in this screenshot that you can set the slot to stop autoplay if either of the two main bonus features are won. You can set autoplay to any number of spins, outside the screenshot the options go right up to 1,000 spins.

More interestingly you can set a single win limit or a loss or profit limit to force autoplay to stop. Let’s say you have a bank balance of €1,000. You could set the slot to spin 250 spins at €1 per spin. You could set the slot to stop if your profit or loss reaches €125 at which point you could decide to raise or lower your stake. You could set it to stop if a single win exceeds €100 at which point you could take a break from the slots.

There are many options you can place in here rather than playing manually and you can come up with your own careful strategies by employing these features.


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