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Mobile gaming (smartphone/tablet)


If you are either a very casual gamer who doesn’t gamble very often, or if you are serious about trying to make a profit from online slots then we have one piece of advice for you regarding mobile (smartphone/tablet) play.

Make very sure you are careful!!!

Once you start playing a few spins here and there on your smartphone then you could be on to a loser. Your carefully planned strategy goes out of the window, the house edge can be (occasionally) worse for mobile games, you can lose connection very easily leading to frustration but most importantly of all, mobile gaming is just one small step away from addiction if you are not very careful and selective.

If you cannot spend a coffee break, lunch break, toilet break, train journey, etc without getting the tablet or phone out for a quick flutter at an online casino then it may well be time to check out our gambling addiction section.

Having gambling available to a person 24/7, be that slots, live games, poker or sports betting is just asking for a percentage of players to become addicted. Many casino portals hail mobile gambling as the be all and end all and shove it down your throats without underlying any of the dangers. Please, please make sure you know exactly what you are doing before you even begin. It can be a slippery slope.

Mobile casinos can be a whole lot of fun but make sure you take regular breaks, don’t lose track of your spending and don’t become reliant on the casinos for your entertainment.

!!! Please be disciplined and responsible and seek help at the first sign of problem gambling !!!


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