Live Dealer Casino


Here at Slots Guide we understand very well that a lot of you enjoy playing table games. There’s nothing quite like hitting a Vegas casino and blowing a few chips on the roulette or blackjack tables. The online live casino scene is currently growing at a rapid rate as internet speed and bandwidth has exploded exponentially allowing for very good…

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Online Bingo Bonuses

Online bingo sites come in various sizes, shapes and forms. Obviously with a name like “Slots Guide” it is clear that slots are our thing. But that doesn’t mean we play slots exclusively. While we do not profess to be the fountain of all online bingo site knowledge, we have dabbled playing online bingo games (though we are more the…

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Online Poker Bonuses

online poker sites

Online poker bonuses, here at Slots Guide we understand very well that a lot of you enjoy playing online poker. In fact we helped a friend of ours set up a thriving poker staking community (Staking 101, now merged into Slots Guide). Of course the same rules apply to online poker rooms as they do for online casinos. Good customer service, trustworthy, healthy…

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eSports Betting


Esports betting has grown in popularity during the last year or two. Like the sports and the field itself these were at first mostly presented by a bunch of geeks building their own websites from scratch, and often offering something completely else than money as the currency. For example weapon skins, rare items, in game money and other things were…

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