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Poker Software

Poker software is becoming more and more crucial for the serious online poker player. The average online poker player is getting better and better and poker training software as well as poker tracking software is now a crucial element in any players armoury. Having the right poker software available and knowing how to use it can give players a massive…

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Poker Podcast

We have been very lucky to have permission from Jared Tendler to post his poker podcasts on our site. They vary in content and a lot are with PokerStars Pros! Hope you enjoy them. Very soon, our very own king of the poker blogs, Tom will be starting his own podcast series so stay tuned for that! Niels Feijen In…

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Poker Live Stream

We have a lot of poker forum members who make their live poker streams available. In order for us to list you here you will need to provide us with a good description of yourself, your experience and what you are making available along with any relevant contact details and links. Kiss My Aces Official – Official –@KarlFensome Official…

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