How Did You Acquire Your Pets?

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How Did You Acquire Your Pets?

Postby lucky_strike » Wed Dec 21, 2016 12:30 pm

For pet lovers, they can acquire them in 3 ways: By buying them, adopting them from a shelter, or by relatives or friends giving it to them. We have acquired our pets by buying them, and some were given to us by friends and relatives. We haven't tried adopting yet from an animal shelter, but I always try to pick up stray kittens being dumped on the street if they're docile enough, and I find homes for them. I don't pick up the kittens that hiss at me even if they're just small, because a hostile kitty is likely to bite or scratch me once I touch it.

So with all those homeless animals in those overcrowded shelters, do you still buy your pets? What breeds have you bought? Or you are still in the planning stages? Or your pets were just given to you? How many pets do you have? I know some people discourage people from buying pets when there are so many homeless pets in animal shelters, and I think they do have a point. But if people want a specific breed, then of course they would still buy the pet of their choice, right? So back to my question, how did you acquire your pet?

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Re: How Did You Acquire Your Pets?

Postby King-Of-Slots » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:53 pm

I always have and always will get pets from a hostel. And have them neutered.
Too many unfortunate animals needlessly suffering.

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