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About Saucify Casino Software (Betonsoft)

Saucify, formerly known as BetOnSoft went through re-branding during 2014 when they changed their name to match their ambitions: adding new flavor to an industry that is serving similar bland dishes across multiple platforms and casinos. They aim to spice up the gaming market by offering intriguing games combined with excellent design and of course well executed content, customisable back office and superior games.  It is definitely true that every casino, software provider and site advertising them trust on pretty much the same slogans, and this is what Saucify aims to correct by providing, you guessed, the same things but this time for real. Luckily the company delivers on the promise, as much as it can, and has already began improving on the casino front by providing online casinos with the change to customize and improve their content as much as possible. This means that though you will see the same games on different casinos, they do not necessarily play the same way.

For now Saucify’s main market area remains casinos that offer games to US players, and our list of casino reflects this. We expect this to change in the future given the quality of the slots, and the fact that the US markets are opening up and this in turn changes the legal landscape. At the moment the company has around one hundred slots published, with lots of more on the way. A quick peek at the games reveals well developed slots that trust in impressive HD quality graphics combined with intensive music and sounds, diversity of game play options, a diverse range from classic slots to table games, all with extremely engaging gameplay.

Bonuses and freespins in Saucify slots

In case of casinos geared towards US markets Saucify tends to offer the whole casino with their list of services. This also means that first deposit and other welcome bonuses can be used directly at their games, and this of course includes freespins and other promotions. It is up to the casino to decide what they offer, though Saucify tends to instruct their customers, that is the casinos, to always do better than their competitors. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will dish out free spins and free money like there is no tomorrow, rather that they will listen to their customer and offer promotions that are not just about getting as many players to register as possible.

At a quick glance Saucify games are not adding anything to the field that isn’t already there, which is something that would be hard for any software provider to do anyways. They do however make the best out of existing features, and combine them in interesting ways to create games that certainly don’t lack any action. If you’re tired of the same old spins, freespins and bonus features, followed by more spins, then these games might be of interest. Sure, the freespins are there, same with bonus games, wilds, random wilds and other familiar features, but rarely do they all combine in a single game. This is the cream that tops Saucify casino slots: incredible amount of features in a single slot, including sub games that are not entirely based on luck. Add in animations, random jackpots and big wins and you certainly have a new take on an old format.

The company is also promising to bring jackpots back in a grander fashion than ever before with their own network of progressive jackpots that they swear to be in players best interest when compared to competition. In a way they are correct, as online casinos rarely tend to market their jackpots. This is most likely because they are the least profitable games for casinos (though not for software providers). Saucify casino games are available in mobile and desktop, and come with purpose built apps as well as basic website versions. In general, you can play them pretty much with any device anywhere.

 Read ‘em up

A word needs to be said about Saucify’s website: customers should spend a minute reading it and familiarizing themselves with how exactly things are run in the casino industry. Though the site promises a lot, and does not necessarily always tell how this lot is delivered to customer, it does give an honest and intriguing glance in how these companies are run, and how they profit. You might not learn how exactly Saucify differs from their competition, but you’ll certainly find a few insight into what are the problems that casino industry faces today.

They are pretty much correct in their assertion that casinos, software providers and everyone who stands to profit tend to claim that they are the best thing, different and always out there with player’s best interest in mind. This is of course a basic marketing tactic, but what makes this company different is that they admit to it. That might very well be the step that the industry needs to take in order to produce better and more engaging games, and not just think about money and how to get customer to register. Gambling should after all be about enjoyment and entertainment, not just about chasing big wins. One of the better sides of Saucify casino games is the fact that they all seem to be themed, and most of the themes are quite familiar and easy to pick up.


Saucify, formerly BetOnSoft, is at the moment relatively little known casino provider. They do not have that many games published, nor do they have them present in loads of casino. What they do have is an attitude that promises a lot, and a portfolio that speaks volumes for their dedication, professionalism, and experience in the field. The slots are well made and well worth playing, even if you’re not after massive wins. The combination of features is quite interesting, and some of their games combine more bonus games together than some smaller providers have in their entire range of games. If honesty, security, and good games are on your list of requirements for a good casino then it is worth your time checking out the few featured online casinos that we know for sure fill these qualifications.

Casino No Deposit BonusWelcome Bonus
Vegas Crest Casinoget online casino bonus25 Free Spins on Fruit Zen200% +30 Free Spins
Slots Million Casinoget online casino bonus-100% + 100 Free Spins

saucify casino

Saucify Casino Slots RTP & Reviews

Saucify sure don’t make it easy to get hold of their RTP stats. So a massive thanks to Triston at Genesys Affiliates for digging out a bunch of stats for us!

The following are the actual payout percentages for slots in the period August 2015 up to and including January 2016. The stats coming from the Genesys group of casinos.

More data will be published as I get it!

Samba Spins Video Slot 105.10%
Legends Of Avalon Video Slot 98.40%
Scorching Sevens Slot 98.33%
Dollars Down Under Video Slot 97.67%
Stars And Stripes Slot 97.26%
Sweet Success Video Slot 96.54%
Aladdins Loot Slot 96.54%
The Last Pharaoh Video Slot 96.25%
Tomahawk Video Slot 95.59%
Le Chocolatier Video Slot 95.41%
Molten Moolah Video Slot 95.39%
Fistful Of Dollars Video Slot 95.29%
Horn Of Plenty Video Slot 95.17%
Elemental 7 Video Slot 95.02%
Realms Video Slot 94.65%
Robin Hood Outlaw Video Slot 94.64%
Cash Puppy Classic Slot 94.59%
I Sevens Classic Slot 94.33%
Arcadiai 3D Video Slot 94.24%
Small Soldiers Video Slot 94.23%

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